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Regardless of what part of the world you're from, all parents have one thing in common, wanting the best care for their child. See what our international parents have to say about the care their child received here at Cook Children's.

"We have been to France, Germany, Slovakia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Egypt in search of a diagnosis for our son. But it wasn't until we came to Cook Children's that we found answers. After meeting our son and examining him with the MRI, the doctors provided a diagnosis and treatment. I am very impressed with the hospital including our physicians and nurses. The amount of welcome we received from everyone we met and the arrangements made by the international team before and during our stay were all great."

— Father of Khaled M.

"I loved the organization, the cleanliness and how they cared for the smallest details regarding the kids. I would like to thank the medical staff and the International Patient Services staff, Ms. Mary and Mr. Mohamed."

— Mother of Ahmed A.

"Before I came to Cook Children's I didn't expect to see what I saw. The facility is huge and the staff does everything they can to make the children as comfortable as possible. They care so much about each child and the physicians had patience to listen to everything I said. Even the international department helped me with everything - especially Ahmed (the care coordinator). We had a long wait in the Emergency Department and he refused to leave us at the ER and stayed with us until midnight, even though there was a translation device available."

— Father of Saud A.

"I'd like to thank Allah and all who helped to support my daughter Layan and my family. I would especially like to thank Dr. Steelman, Dr., Keng and Dr. Panayides for all the significant improvements in her overall health and movement. I've seen what I have dreamed of and the staff gave me the hope I lost. Also, I'd like to thank the international team for being there each step along our stay, especially Mr. Ahmed, our care coordinator who took care of us in the ER. Deeply from my heart, I thank all of the nurses for the amazing job they did in teaching me how to take care of the G-button in a friendly, nice way."

— Mother of Layan A.

"I'd like to thank Cook Children's for the warm welcome. They did everything possible to ease our stay, starting with welcoming us at the airport, to the treatment and all the way until our departure—especially Mr. Mohamed."

— Father of Essa A.

"The service we received at Cook Children's was absolutely phenomenal. Thank you to the international program for the great service."

— Mother of Maryam A.

international patient
"We came here to treat our son who suffers from autism. Everything they did with Waleed was great. They did whatever they can to help him, and I thank the clinical staff and the international program for that."

— Father of Waleed A.

international patient
"Aziz wasn't able to move before we came to Cook Children's. With the help of Dr. Marks and Dr. Honeycutt, he received DBS surgery and he is now able to take steps and move his arms. Thanks to the international team who helped us in each step."

— Father of Abdulaziz

international patient
"Thank you Dr. Marks, Dr. Robert, all the nurses, the food and nutrition services staff, child life and the international team. We've learned a lot and enjoyed our stay. We hope to come again soon."

— Parents of Ahmed A.

international patient
"I'd like to thank all Cooks Children's staff for taking care of my son, and special thanks to Dr. Iglesias, Dr. Ogunmola and Dr. Ana Rios. They've worked as a team to do what's best for my child. I will not forget Mrs. Mary and Mr. Ahmed from the international patient department for everything they've done for us."

— Parent of Yousef

international patient
"We are a Middle Eastern family that came to this integrated medical center. All the staff in the center from doctors, nurses, administrators and staff in the international office were very kind and helpful. We did not face any difficulties with them. The center is well organized in a way that is decent and very prestigious. Thank you for the great efforts with Eisa."

— Father of Eisa A